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Earn daily profits and safely grow your account by up to 0.5% per day.

Forget manual copy trading and forex signal "gurus"!

We'll automatically copy trade for you, using our profitable system.

It works like this:

You now have an additional passive income.

Verified, consistent and stable.
We generate wealth for 5,000+ clients.


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Make your money work for you.

90-Day Free Trial

Get Started Now

We’re so confident you’ll love our service, we’re happy to offer a 90-day free trial.

Simply register on Whop.com using the link below, follow the steps after registration and create your broker account.

We’ll then get started copying our trades to your account, without you lifting a finger.

We copy our profitable trades to your account, automatically.

Watch your account grow.

Track all your trades effortlessly with the MetaTrader 4 App, accessible on both the App Store and Google Play Store.

We manage it all for you.

No need for complicated software downloads or leaving your computer on round the clock. Simply sit back and let us take care of your trading account.

Our service is free for 90-days.

Apart from your broker deposit, which you control, we don’t ask for any money upfront. After 90-days, there’s a monthly charge which covers our server expenses.

Open an account

With our preferred FX broker.

We never require money upfront, period.

Our service is free to join.

However, to begin earning compounded profits, you will need to open an account with our partnered forex broker, VT Markets.
They’re a fully regulated forex broker based in Australia. You will have full control over your deposits and you can withdraw at any time.
It’s imperative you follow our link to create an account, so we can manage your account effectively and we can earn commissions from your profits, at no cost to you.

This sounds great...

What's the catch?

We manage our own trading funds using the same strategy.

With a $500 account, you could earn $1,500/year.

Let us show you how easy it is to grow your capital.

Testimonials from our clients.


Over $10M in profits generated by our fund.


In trading profits generated


Servers running our automated software for our clients


Positive ROI within 30 Days


Clients under our management from over 50 countries

Verified Trading Statistics From Clients

Our performance is tracked using myfxbook

A clients account tracked using myfxbook

We're transparent with our performance

Beware of the flashy personas parading on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat, flaunting their ostentatious lifestyles with luxury cars and Rolex watches. While they boast about their wealth, they conveniently sidestep showcasing their actual trading performance, offering only a handful of screenshots for validation.

We prioritize transparency and credibility. We don’t rely on smoke and mirrors to entice our clients. Instead, we provide verifiable results meticulously audited by myfxbook, an independent authority in the industry. Our commitment to honesty ensures that you can trust the authenticity of our trading strategies and the potential returns they offer.

The most common questions

We have answers below.

GainsWhileYouSleep is a fully managed trading service, specializing in currency markets. We aim for compounded returns of 250% per year.

Clients join our partner broker and we manage their accounts to mirror our own trading fund.

You can sit back and watch your account balance grow.

Good, because we NEVER ask for your money.

The process works by you opening an account with our recommended and fully regulated FX broker. 

The money you deposit is YOURS and only you can withdraw it.

For legal reasons, we have absolutely zero access to your funds. We only manage your trades.

No prior trading experience? No problem. GainsWhileYouSleep is designed to guide beginners from the ground up.  You don’t need to understand forex trading to use our service.

Our model is supported by commissions and performance fees from the broker.

We only get paid when you make profits.

Getting started is simple. Click the “Get started” button on our website, and you’ll be guided through a straightforward setup process. It takes just a few minutes to join, and we’ll get to work making your money work for you.

No, you don’t need a large investment to start.

We guide you on how to make the most of any amount you’re comfortable with. The minimum amount you need is $/£/€500.

Any lower than this amount and it wouldn’t be worth the time. Sorry.

No, we get to work and you can watch your account balance start to grow.

All we ask is you please do NOT intervene with the trades active on your account.

Doing so will affect the profitability.

Join our profitable trading fund

We manage it all for you.

As you may know, trading comes with risks. Just like investing in the stock market, where prices can rise and fall, speculating on the movements of currency pairs isn’t risk free. 

But our system has the risks minimized, while still returning as much as safely possible.

We use our own money in our portfolio and you can see our returns above in our tracked and verified MyFXBook.com link.

We look forward to welcoming you to GWYS, where transparency is our promise.

Warm regards

Founder, GainsWhileYouSleep.com

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